Recently, there has much speculation about a sound heard round the world.

In an interview between Chris Matthews and California Senator Eric Swalwell on the show 'Hardball with Chris Matthews' there was much political chatter as usual.

But one sound broke between the political divide that awoke speculation that goes beyond the usual back and forth of political talk and into the realm of possibility, mistaken identity or perhaps breaking of social norms.

Take a listen:

Was it a fart?  This is the question that has racked the brains of many who are profoundly engaged in what is being called "fartgate".

Kid and Sarah had some thoughts on the subject and chatted about it on Tuesday's show.

Everybody's talking about it...

There's so many Reddit Threads - this one - and - this one - and - this one - and - this is getting ridiculous.

Here's some evidence that may help clarify the situation:

Or not.

What do you say?  Is it a fart or not (such as a coffee mug sliding across a glass table)?  Vote now!

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