And now an exciting new feature, behold the Z Morning Show "Dope of the Day!"

Every morning when we chat with Todd Simcox at 7:10, we highlight some truly bizarre, dumb, and downright crazy stories from across the globe, so why not feature our favorite "Dope of the Day" Our first one is a doozy.

Amethyst Realm finally found her boo, literally. Realm is a British woman who cheated on her fiance with a "ghost" and she like it so much that she has since had several sexual liaisons with 20 spooky lovers.

In a recent interview with a British television program, she announced that she is now engaged to a ghost. After 9 long months of courtship, the supernatural stud popped the question, and Amethyst happily accepted. We aren't sure how he proposed, since one would assume that ghosts can't get down on one knee.

Best of luck Ghost Lady, if you two crazy kids can't make love work, who can? Check out our thoughts on this in the first video, and check out her TV interview in the second!

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