As the most forest covered state in the country, if CBS show 'Survivor' decided to film in the states we think they would choose Maine as the location. But where?

The show is currently airing it's 33rd season and once again the castaways are sent to a sunny, beach location. We think it is time they changed things up and send the contestants to a not so foreign places, and a not so warm place.

We think we have earned the right to have Survivor here too! We have had multiple successful contestants represent our great state on the show in the past including winner of Survivor: Gabon, Bob Crowley (above.) We have tons of remote locations including dense forests, mountains, and islands.

Contestants could compete in tree chopping, and lobstering contests to win immunity in the form of L.L. Bean boots. Also we think they should only be given Moxie to stay hydrated.

Here are the places in Maine we think they should strand contestants:

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway

The Top of Aroostook County

A Coastal Island



Where else?! Do you think they should film a season of 'Survivor' in Maine?