First of all, you're welcome. This will surely be a very successful way to kill some time today...time you should very likely be spending doing something else, possibly something productive.

But. It's. So. Much. Fun!

Thanks to my daily combing of the internet, I found out that Google has embedded one of my favorite childhood video games (I know I'm dating myself with this, but it was super rad for the times!) into Google Earth! And you know I've already spent like an hour playing it myself!

It's actually genius, and makes the game so much cooler! Instead of cartoon depictions of the famous places the elusive Carmen decides to jet-set off to, Google Earth actually zooms you right in to those very spots, so you can see what they really look like!

I can see this being something really fun to do with my kids, too. As per the original game, you can expect interesting facts about each place she goes, and mysterious clues to help you along your quest.

You want to try your hand at solving the caper, Gumshoe? Well click here to let the adventure begin! Enjoy!


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