We get it.  Last weekend was a busy weekend.  We Mainer's are just trying to enjoy our spring through the raindrops and there is plenty to see and do now that the weather is starting to warm up.

That's why when I checked in on my Z107.3 Facebook post asking for Cornville 10-Mile Yard Sale photos, it didn't surprise me to see there weren't a lot of people posting the weird finds from the yearly event.

I must admit, I was at the Beats & Eats Food Truck Festival and was a little busy with the family to be able to travel down to the yard sale myself.  But, let me tell you what.  One Z listener owned this challenge.

Sandy Preston took the charge and shared her weirdest finds from the Cornville 10-Mile Yard Sale.  In fact, she was the only one who posted photos.  And what she shared with us took our breath away with oddity.  We felt so honored that this Z listener really embraced the spirit of this challenge so we wanted to give Sandy the attention she deserves with her very own post.

You deserve a hearty and reverent thank you, Sandy.  And, for your efforts I am proud to share Sandy's best and most odd Cornville 10-Mile Yard Sale finds of 2019.


Thank you, Sandy!  The Z appreciates your incredible odd finds and we are proud to have you as a listener ;)

Let's highlight a few of Sandy's odd finds:

Jason Mask... In A Jar

Okay.  I'm imagining this is one of those items that involved an eye roll when the sellers where cleaning out the attic and filling the "yard sale" box.  They really didn't expect to sell it but, little did they know, it would be featured on our oddest finds of this year's yard sale.  It would have been perfect if the jar was capped and filled with an oozy, clear liquid.   #NextLevelWeird

Sandy Preston
Sandy Preston

Clown Print with Personal Touches

There was a time when clowns were seen as joyful and fun.  Now in the modern age, clowns are creepy.  This one is not so bad, though.  It could be worse, right?  But, what makes this piece extra special is that someone felt compelled to add their vision to this piece.  The balloon really does take this piece to another level.  Bonus points for the clown nose- is it real?  I can't tell!

2019 Cornville 10 Mile Yard Sale Clown Painting with Extra Paint

Colander with Hanging Beads

I think this one takes the cake.  What's a way to fancy up a perfectly usable colander?  Add some beads to it.  Then, hang it upside down.  Voila!  A colander... that you can't use as a colander any longer.  Or is it a modern art piece?  I do see how it challenges the status quo.

Sandy Preston
Sandy Preston

Check out all of the photos Sandy shared with us.  Thank you, again, Sandy!

Sandy's Oddest Finds at the Cornville 10-mile Yard Sale 2019

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