Alright Z Nation.....

This week we weren't messing around. Since right around the end of 2018, and into the New Year, we had some pretty major concerts announced. Like Ozzy is coming to town. Florida - Georgia Line is coming. And I know there's gotta be some more big giant ones that will be announced soon.

But really...we couldn't wait!! It's kinda like trying to contain yourself at Christmas time when you see that the biggest box under the tree is for you. So since Sarah and I couldn't wait, and we decided to go right to our website and Facebook page to see what y'alls wish list of must-see concerts would be. We asked you to think big, with no holds barred!

I know Sarah wished pretty hard that The Who would come to town. My opinions were a bit more scattered about. I said I'd love to see Halsey. She's an amazing singer, and I think could quite easily sell out the Cross Center, or Bangor Waterfront. I know Metallica is going to be doing dates around this part of the country this summer. I'm always a big fan of Rise Above Fest when that comes around.

In our poll, pretty much all of you were on board with seeing Shawn Mendes come to town. Not a bad plan either. But Ami Austin really hit the nail on the head for most parents out there, with this brutally honest answer....

This delightful witticism has earned Ami our much coveted, Facebook Comment of the Week!!! Ami, come on by and collect your fantastical WhaZ NewZ mug!!! Pick it up right here at the station!

Anyway, we hope your weekend is awesome, despite the utter pounding of snow we're going to get. Besides, if you get bored, just re-watch this video a bunch of times. It is guaranteed to make you feel way dandier.

Stay cool, Bangor. And enjoy the shoveling!

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