Sooooooo....Here we are again for, WHAZZZZ NEWZZZZ!!!!

This week we wanted to know when it started to feel like Fall to you. It's starting to feel pretty fall-ish in some ways, and yet in others, we're still hanging onto summer as hard as we can. Mother Nature is all in a tizzy as well, seemingly. She can't decide what season it is! It's mega-hot one day, frigid the next... This week being no exception!

For me...fall is always in the air when my mom starts randomly talking about things we need to close up camp. She'll just all of a sudden mention needing bins for storing things over the winter, or new vacuum bags to seal the sheet and things up into. For others it might be starting the first fire of the season, or seeing the leaves start to change.

And in answering all the hard questions, we get our Facebook Comment of the Week from Tammy Howes!

Tammy had all her bases appropriately covered when it comes to here enjoyment of the season. Such a well-rounded answer!

So that's that, my friends. Sarah and I will be back next week, wanting to know all sorts of fun new things about you. So until then.....

Stay cool, Bangor!


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