Oh yes...it's time again for WhaZ NewZ, our weekly look into what's silly, fun, entertaining, or otherwise.

As you drive down the road on weekends right now, you're probably seeing the last of this season's yard sales. There's always tons in the Spring, but there's also a bunch of people who clean out their house all summer, just to get ready for the big sale in the fall.

Sarah is a HUGE yard sale fan, whereas I just see them as another opportunity for my wife to bring stuff we don't need into our house. I'm one of those jerks that would have a dumpster every week if I could, til all that was left in our house was a chair and a bed. Ha! Sarah likes to buy banged up furniture and restore it, and occasionally sell it for money. I'm just not remotely that ambitious.

But we asked you what you're yard sale style is. we got some cool responses. But the coolest response goes to Amy Kneeland, who was totally on the same page as I am.

So Amy, you get one of our super-coveted WhaZ NewZ MugZ. Come on by anytime, and pick it right up!! It will make you look way cooler to your friends, I promise!

So until next week my friends......Stay cool, Bangor!

Wicked cool.

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