Hellooooooo everyone! J Stew here....It is time once again for the latest installment of WHAZ NEWZ!!

This week, in no particular order, we talk about a woman in Durham, Maine who captured a spooky, ghostly image on a game camera in her front yard. It looks just like a soldier from the WWII era, and I'll tell you right now, unless this photo is just straight up fake, it's one of the most realistic ghost pics I've ever seen. It's clear as a bell, and downright freaky.

Then we went to something almost as freaky, which is Sarah soliciting tips for her family camping trip. She originally out it out to Facebook to get y'alls opinons, and they didn't disappoint. It also gave us our Facebook Comment of the Week from Jim Murphy. Jim's a witty scamp for sure.

And we also get a bit more in depth about the Z Scavenger Hunt. There's some cool outtakes of Kid and Sarah's trip over to the Standpipe to show how it all works. Plus Sarah gives a few more details about prizes, and locations for where you can capture the big Z's.

All in all, it was another crazy, busy week here at Z Central Control. So as always, follow us in all the spots you choose..... Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.... all that stuff. And of course...Stay cool, Bangor!!!


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