Happy Thanksgiving, Z Nation!

Sarah and J Stew here talking about one of our favorite holidays!  But, more importantly we talk about the foods of this bountiful holiday.

We love the staples together: the turkey, the gravy, the mash potatoes, stuffing, etc., etc.  In fact, Sarah and J Stew both agree on the turkey as the star of the show and claim that this food is the one we are both most anticipating.

We also talk about what foods we don't like at Thanksgiving.  Sarah is not a big fan of pumpkin pie (J Stew likes the pumpkin pie) as well as the turnips.  J Stew, on the other hand, is not fond of the pre-Thanksgiving appetizers.  Some are just too old school to be a part of a modern Thanksgiving.

We also take a look at one of the most talked about posts of the week on our Facebook about a Maine woman who slipped on some ice and accidentally shot her boyfriend.  In fact, our Facebook comment of the week is a comment about the story.  Congratulations to Lindsey Nunan who won our coveted Z's Facebook Comment of the Week.  We also hope the boyfriend has a speedy recovery.

Enjoy this week's episode and we hope you have a gluttonous, restful and happy Thanksgiving!


J Stew and Sarah

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