Ho Ho Ho guys and gals....

WhaZ NewZ wondered if we've reached a point where Christmas is becoming too politically correct? There's so many things about the holiday season that are under a microscope these days.

For instance, there are folks that feel Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer goes too far in the portrayal of Rudolph's life. Santa is a jerk to him, his father is ashamed of him, and the father of the love of his life, forbids them to be together because Rudolph is "different".

Folks have also caused a lot of backlash over the song "Baby It's Cold Outside". When you read the lyrics, and run it through the filter of today's #MeToo movement, the song takes a dark spin that not everyone wants to hear. Several radio stations around the U.S. and Canada have pulled the song to the delight of some listeners, and the chagrin of others.

We put out a couple of polls this week regarding Rudolph and Baby It's Cold Outside, and overwhelmingly, almost 100% of you, voted to leave well enough alone, in both instances. And......one comment stood out to us...and became our.....

FACEBOOK COMMENT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!! Coming from Wendi Ann Boudreau.

Wendi said what we were all feeling when voicing her opinion about taking Rudolph off the air. Is she being extreme? I don't think so. But hey....I'm nobody.

At any rate, Christmas means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. And if you think something is offensive, don't watch it. Some of us can see through the negativity and find the positive. And I'll do the same thing on some subject that offends me and not you. It's what makes us all pretty awesome.

Anyway...next week is another week....

Until then, stay cool Bangor.

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