Well, well, well my dudes and dudesses....

J Stew here....

It's time for WhaZ NewZ!!!!

This week we went to the Facebooks and asked how y'all do your morning routine. Are you a morning person? Are you a get-out-of-my-way-until-I've-had-my-coffee person? Does it revolve around getting the kids off to school?

There's no right or wrong answer. Sarah is like a whirling dervish when she leaves the house in the morning. A veritable cyclone of activity until she's out the door. Myself? I come into work a LOT later than Sarah, so I have time to have coffee, read some emails, workout, and then casually shower up and meander my way into the office. Lucky me!!!!

Our Facebook Comment of the Week came from loyal Z listener, Tony Bulley! Although I gotta say, he kinda bribed/flattered his way in.

But Tony does win one of our much coveted Whaz NewZ mugs!!! You know you want one! Don't forget, there's a chance every week to do it. You just have to leave an awesome comment on our Facebook Live videos at the beginning of the week!!!

So until next time, when we reach out to you to find out the strangest answers to the weirdest info.....

Stay cool Bangor!!!

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