Boy, oh boy..... We are having some fun this week, with a bunch of different celebrities doing celebrity type things. Some local, some from away, but we've got it all this week.

First off, we talk about a re-tweet from local book hero Stephen King, where he voices his intense concerns over the abuse of the self-checkout lane at the grocery store. Lots of folks complain that they are stealing jobs from real people, but he's just P.O.'d about folks bringing a pioneer mercantile worth of items through the self checkout. He ain't wrong.....

Next, Sarah and I riff on a post about Mark Wahlberg. He defines some classic Massachusetts-isms that we in Maine can translate fairly well compared to other parts of the country. Sarah and I took a moment to think of a bunch of Mainer-isms of our own to share with you. Enjoy the fun.

And lastly...Patrick Dempsey made it back to Maine for a visit, and as always had no problem taking a minute to snap a selfie with a fan. He is always quite the gentleman when it comes to his fans. And he does a lot to help raise money for cancer research and other charities. He's a great guy that we couldn't help but poke a little bit of fun at.

Which also leads into our Facebook comment of the week from Carole Starling. Was it dark? Yes. Was it hilarious? Even more so!!!

So enjoy our little piece of funnitude this week and remember as always....

Stay cool, Bangor!!

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