Hello ladies and gentlemen....J Stew here.....

A lot happening over at WhaZ NewZ central this week. Sarah and I were all over the place! And I tell you, if we had to rely on Sarah's coffee making skills, it would have been an even tougher week. She confessed out loud, that she didn't know how to use the office coffee maker, so naturally, I had to give a detailed tutorial on the correct method for caffeine manufacture.

Also, Sarah wrote a piece this week on the nasty effects of Brown Tail Moth Caterpillars. Our in house sales guru Dustin, was afflicted with the super nasty rash that comes along from exposure to the little critters. I've never had it myself, but I have had shingles, so I feel like I have some insight into what he was going through. And big shoutout to Sarah....who scored a Top 10 post in the entire company, country wide, for her super informative piece. Scope it out yourself here.

And finally, we had a chance to speak to Andrea Littlefield from Health Equity Alliance, who were big sponsors of Bangor's Gay Pride festivities that were going on around Bangor all last weekend. We went and got some awesome video at the Drag Ball on Friday night. It was wildly entertaining, and it looked like they raised some good money at the event too!

So sit back, watch the sweet video, and enjoy the ride. Oh, also, have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July! We'll be hard at work again next week, and ready to bring you more NEWZ!!!

Stay cool, Bangor!

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