We are well aware of the changing climate and this map shows us some eyebrow raising changes that could be in store for us in Bangor in 60 years.

This interactive map published by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science shows what the climate will be like for various places across the United States.

So what does future climate look like for Bangor, Maine in 2080?

The map indicates that, " For high emissions, Bangor's climate in 2080 will feel most like today's climate near Rahway, New Jersey."

The interactive map goes into detail that Rahway, New Jersey summer weather is typically 7.1°F (4°C) warmer and 27.6% wetter than summer in Bangor.

Screenshot from University of Maryland interactive map
Screenshot from University of Maryland interactive map

Let's go further.  According to U.S. Climate Data.com, Bangor's summer months typically average between 74 - 79 degrees Farenheit for the highs and 52 - 58 degrees Farenheit for lows and between 2.99 - 3.78 inches of precipitation.

Now, bump that up 7 degrees and 27.6% wetter.  What does those numbers look like?  Hot and very humid!

Here's what our Maine summers will look like in 2080 according to this map:

  • June
    • Average High: 81 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Low: 59 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Precipitation: 4.82 inches
  • July
    • Average High: 86 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Low: 65 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Precipitation: 4.54 inches
  • August
    • Average High: 85 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Low: 63 degrees Farenheit
    • Average Precipitation: 3.82 inches

The future looks like a lot of investments in dehumidifiers, rain boots and AC units.

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