Waterville was featured on the Outdoor Channel recently. 'Major League Fishing' was on Long Pond, but this portion of the episode focused on historic features around the community. Host Greg Hackney even has a special guest star to show him around the city.

There's some beautiful photography in this clip, of Long Pond and the surrounding scenery. The architecture of Waterville is also featured, in grand style! And I had to laugh at Hackney's pronunciation of Waterville. It's not bad...just...southern!

But the guest star really made me laugh. Of all the Mainers who could show him around, this was not who I would have expected. I mean, Governor LePage is from Waterville, right? Just look at who he was beat out by for the co-starring role.

I've never seen the show before but, based on this segment, I'd have to say it's a combination of fishing show and 'Duck Dynasty.' Not a bad thing!

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