What a blast from Bar Harbor's past!

1972 seems like a million years ago, especially with the way advertising and marketing work now, so it was a real treat to dig up an ad from then, and compare it to the way products are pitched (or driven down our throats) now.

A Chevrolet Camaro commercial, produced by the Chevrolet division of General Motors, was filmed right here in Bar Harbor, Maine, way back in the day in 1972.

The 60 second ad features a family of three cruising through the gorgeous sights of Bar Harbor, including Acadia National Park, then stopping on a pier to get out of the car and wave at the camera. It is so glaringly different from the way media is presented to us today, which makes it even more remarkable to watch in 2022.

Another fun fact about all of this is that the voice over announcer who is attempting to sell you on the benefits of buying a 1972 Camaro,(which by the way, is really not a practical family car with a small child, but that is a story for another day) is none other than the original voice of American Top 40, the late, great, Casey Kasem!

This commercial was restored by Osborn Tramain, who specialize in finding these old school ads. This restored version was produced using the original 16mm negative print.

So take a minute and harken back to a much, much simpler time, way before the internet and social media changed the way we live our everyday lives.

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