Maine's own Nicole Maines was featured on the season premiere of 'Supergirl' on Sunday with great fanfare as the first transgender super hero.

To help promote this monumental event, Maines joined Ellen Degeneres last Friday in conversation about her new role on the show as well as growing up as a transgendered child here in the Bangor area.

Check out there conversation!

The conversation talks about how she felt as a child, struggling with being born as a boy but feeling like something "wasn't right" at ages 3 - 4.

"I went up to my parents and I was like, listen, for a couple of years I've tried this whole boy thing.  I think it's lovely.  Um, it's just not me."

Also included in the conversation was Maines' parents reacted to her transition throughout her childhood, including bullying:

"There were always bullies.  When I would ride the bus, I couldn't take the bus anymore because kids would call me 'it' on the bus which, doesn't exactly make you feel good."

Nicole grew up in Orono where she transitioned from a boy to a girl during her time at Orono Elementary.  Her time there was met with some community resistance that led to a discrimination lawsuit that she won.

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