With the early freeze this season, people are excited to get out there for some ice-fishing. There ain't really nothing that's wicked Maine in the cold weather, than spending time with yer buds on the frozen lake. Be extra careful though, the ice on some bodies of water still isn't thick enough yet. Bring ya pick and check it first, guy.

Well, how 'bout this genius invention to make it even more fun? This way maybe we can focus bettah on consuming some brewskis

It is absolutely mind-blowing how these dubbahs in Mt. Vernon created the World's Largest Redneck Fishing Machine called the "Fish-O-Matic". They utilized a kids bike, ironing boards, a 12 volt battery and more unused stuff from the yahd. There's even a friggin' catapult.

Now let's see how this awesome contraption works! You gotta watch this till the end to see where this fish lands. Too funny!


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