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Let your thoughts be known:

This week is 'Free Fishing License' week here in Maine where you can go out and enjoy some free ice fishing.  Have you ever gone ice fishing?


No. For someone who lives in the state of Maine, oddly enough, I am not very "outdoorsy" However, I do approve of the Mainer tradition of slurping down cold beers in a shack with your bros.


No.  I'll do the outdoors when it's at least 50-degrees outside.  Other than that, I'm inside looking out the window waiting for nice weather.  I'd be down with at least giving it a try, though.  Who knows- maybe I'd like ice fishing but, I am kind of freaked out by sitting on ice on a wide open, deep pool of water.


Yes. I can't remember which lake I was on, but I went with the kids and it was a blast! None of us had ever been before. It was a very cool memory to make with them.

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