If you've been wondering where mid coastal funnyman Teagan Wright's informative Maine history videos went after they debuted last spring, well by gorey-the wait is ovah.

He's also known for his From Away TV show that puts a spotlight on hardworking Mainers along with their 'finest-kind' products and services. Teagan has covered told us about everything from blueberries, to potatoes, to scallops, to beahs and much more.

The sumthin' fierce Maine mini-series debuted the first season in the spring of 2017 on Portland's Fox 23.

Brunswick native Teagan Wright has taken us all over Vacationland to the tough as nails people who help make our state the best place on Earth.

Or maybe you've seen his hilarious Sternman videos with salty, silly check-ins from the fishin' boat upta Harpswell.

Teagan Wright Comedy via Facebook
Teagan Wright Comedy via Facebook

Today we learn about Major the Newfoundland, aka Maine's 'Goodest' Boy. Newfies as we affectionately refer to this breed, are wicked impressive big dogs. The ones I've met had the absolute sweetest personalities.

Now Major as it turns out wasn't just a giant lovable newfie (as if that ain't enough).  Teagan tells us that he was also a Civil War hero with Maine's 10th Infantry Regiment in 1861.

The remarkable Maine history lesson is described by Teagan in character as the Sternman and is brought to life with some very cool animation. It's the latest installment of his new series, Maine Stories.

Sadly this tale doesn't have a happy ending, so our narrator employs some poetic license to embroider the outcome into a more positive light.

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