No, seriously, I'm not kidding. Someone has a listing for a '2012 novantri R62B769'.


Ride in style to the “Storming Area 51 - They Cant Stop Us All” event this month I haven’t used in a while and thought it deserves a better home. So I’m selling my 2012 Novantri out of area 51, agency invoice, for this October 3. Pull to 100 $12,500,000 Or $10,000,00 Bitcoin. *Just painted * 135,000 light years traveled * Standard 7 speeds * X Cynidral Turbo * It's Not American technically. * Bring plates from the planet earth but walk around the universe without problems * 2nd Owner * Abduction system that raises 54 cows, like new just rebuilt. * Moon fuel * Audio equipment brand pioneer * Detail: suddenly the third thunders but does not affect so much. * Led light at 100 * New 240-plate Solar LTH battery * Includes GPS of the entire universe. * never used as a Uber, Lyft or taxi Only connoisseurs and serious people. Motivated to sell.💯 Pick up only no PayPal HMU Less

If you make an offer and end up picking this thing up, let us know so we can take it for a spin. Or at the very least, try out the cow-raising abduction system.

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