You've seen this little food shack on Odlin Road in Bangor and maybe you've even seen it on Google Maps in all of its glory in front of the Odlin Road Cinema and Playland Adventures building.  It was the kitchen on wheels for one of Bangor's most famous food trucks, the Lobster Buoy.

Google Maps

Now, you can buy a piece of iconic Bangor history for yourself.

We here in the Bangor area have seen this little shack putting together lobster rolls and offering Maine's finest delicacies of seafood.  If you have come off I-395, taken a right onto Odlin Road you've passed by this food shack.

Well, if you are up for a challenge and maybe have a great idea to bring to the locals in the Bangor area, check out the listing for this 'Mobile Kitchen' on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace Screenshot

The meal wagon is listed on the Facebook Marketplace for a cool $15,000.  It was just put on a few days ago but, it might be a hot item if you really want to get it so, you might want to act quick.

The listing gives its description as a quaint 7' x 14' space but utilizes the space with multiple clever extensions like the fold down floor and fold up roof.

Equipment included with the sale include 2 mini fridges, a freezer, a sandwich cooler, and electric table top fryolator, and electric flat top griddle, a sweet sink, hot water heater, and water tanks.  Who knew you could fit so much stuff in such a small, compact space!

The listing states that it was operating until June 2020 and is being sold due to upgrading their mobile eatery digs.  Bonus, the sellers are pretty confident that it will pass inspection and could be a great start to anybody wanting to get in on a mobile food fantasy in the Bangor area, or beyond.

Check out the pictures and maybe we'll see you with the other food trucks on the Bangor Waterfront next summah, bub!

'Mobile Kitchen' from Odlin Road In Bangor For Sale