There's been a lot of buzz this week around here about ice fishing and ice racing. Two of many activities that Mainers love take part in to help keep the winter doldrums away.

Real talk my friend. It's tough being inside most of the time from December through March. It's of course even tougher this season with the pandemic still dragging on and on.

The good news is, most people who live in Maine know how to make the best of it. Whether it's skiing, sledding, boarding, snowmobiling, skating, or whatevah, there's plenty of fun to be had to get us through to spring.

Maine people aren't the only ones who need a goodtime frolic in our cold, snowy climate. Nosuh, bub. Maine's wild creatures need a little recreation now and then, too.

I just came across the absolute cutest example of that while scrolling through Facebook today. The video comes to us courtesy of the Moosehead Family Campground page. The description says the video was taken during a school ice fishing outing last week. I love that in rural Maine they get the kids into the outdoor classroom whenever possible.

On second thought this little critter may be cute, but I bet it was in there looking for a fish or at least the bait at the end of that line. It looks as though once the otter realized it was busted, it decided to high tail it outta there right quick.

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