I think I might have a problem. You see, I just cannot get enough of these amazing, funny Maine creatures at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland.

I keep trying to get my wife Sherry to allow goats roaming the yard at our home in Westbrook. If I even start to say the word goat, she is very quick to say the word no as I start to make a guh sound. I don't even make it to the oat.

It's not that she doesn't love goats too. I think it has everything to do with the fact that we have terriers, 2 westies and a yorkie. They sure do love to chase squirrels up a tree. I bout 'magine they'd struggle with leaving the goats alone. So 'Gu'...No goats for you.

Meanwhile, I can continue to gush over all these adorable buddies in the fantastic videos from our friends, Hope and Chris Hall at Sunflower Farm.

Have you ever seen a goat stick their tongue out to catch snowflakes? We thought this was one of the sweet moments of wintertime that was only enjoyed by human kids.  These guys are pretty funny. We love how a little surprise snowy fun with goats can make the day go way bettah!

All the Sunflower Farm fans (myself included) are so happy to see that the goat videos are finally back. We are also super excited to learn the news that babies are due in just a couple months.

By now, most folks know and love the Sunflower Farm goats going back to the days when we first saw the pajama babies in this viral video. That megahit is fast approaching an incredible 12 million views.

Hope has done a fantastic job of regularly capturing much of the barnyard goat joy over the past 6 years. She has kindly shared it with us regularly on YouTube and Facebook.

We are wicked glad to see new videos again and we absolutely cannot wait to see the kids in the spring.

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