Some people chose to make the best of the crappy weather over the weekend.

What a storm! The state of Maine got walloped with some pretty intense snow and wind on Saturday. Our buddy Todd Simcox. from Channel 5, was right on the money with his snowfall predictions. He got a well-deserved day off for his efforts. And while I'm at it, shout out to all the City of Bangor road crews for doing an incredible job getting things cleaned up!

I can't say I was a fan of being trapped indoors from Friday night until Sunday afternoon. But, on the plus side, I ate well, slept a ton, and binged some pretty great shows and movies. So it wasn't all bad. And, the power stayed on!!

Now that we have all dug out, let's take a look at some fun videos that were posted to social media, on Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube from all over Maine.

Two dudes got creative and used leaf blowers for driveway cleanup. Not a bad idea.

Two deer were caught on camera enjoying the snow in a quiet moment.

When the storm is over and you get your snowblower out, why not be warm? And, if you just happen to have a Chewbacca costume lying around, wear it!

This video shows the intensity of the snowfall at its peak on Saturday night.

When you are cleaning off your porch railing, you might as well have some fun with it...

Nothing like seeing white-out conditions on your street!

Isn't it fun when you finally step outside to see what you are dealing with for cleanup?

You never know when the next big one is coming, but we will be ready!

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