Nighttime in the fall in Maine can be a spooky time of year, especially when we are all anticipating Halloween. The cool air, falling leaves and whipping chill of wind is the look and feel of fall which would be experienced even more comfortably in a warm, cozy car.

With this in mind, maybe the Haunted Drive-In Movie Night event in Old Town will pique your interest. You'll get the feel of fall and get in the Halloween spirit from the warmth of your car with this second annual event taking place Saturday, October 23rd at 8 PM and brought to us by the Old Town YMCA.

You may be wondering what movies will be playing. Well, that hasn't been decided yet BUT, you can vote for one of the three movies they have picked out to be the flick of the event.

Here are the movies to choose from for this year's Old Town YMCA 'Haunted Drive-In Movie Night':

World War Z

Released in 2013, this movie stars Brad Pitt and follows one man overcoming a zombie apocalypse.

The Conjuring

A family is being terrorized by supernatural forces while paranormal investigators help to figure out what's going on and protect the family in this 2013 movie. If this is your kind of flick, you might want to know that the actual house featured in this film is up for sale. Imagine actually owning this spooky place!

The Birds

This classic American movie is one of the starters of horror and suspense of cinematography by the grandfather of the genre, director Alfred Hitchcock. The movie's suspense is based on the unusual behavior of birds as they start attacking people in a small California town.

Which would you choose? Vote now on the Old Town YMCA Facebook post.

Follow this event and vote at the Haunted Drive-In Movie event page on Facebook.

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