Fall is officially here and what better way to get into the season than to enjoy an old-fashioned Maine apple fest.

Gather the family and head down Waterville for the 'Family Apple Fest' happening Saturday, October 2nd at Kents Hill Apple Orchard. It's going to be a free morning-time event starting at 9:30 AM and going until 11:30 AM.

The orchard is located in Kents Hill on Route 17 near Torsey Lake and will be bustling with fun things to do for the whole family to fulfill the autumnal tastes, sights and sounds that make fall a favorite season here in Maine.

The orchard is a pick-your-own apple orchard that has a variety of apples to choose from including McIntosh, Cortland, Paulared, and McCoun apples.  So many choices!

Expect fun fall activities like crafting, apple picking, and more to really get into the season and have a fun experience building memories for the family.

The event is a pre-register event due to COVID. You can pre-register to join the event by visiting the Kennebec Family Enrichment Council Facebook page or by emailing Becky at BLAMBERT@KVCAP.org. Registering now could get you in for a free half peck bag of your own apples.

Additionally, masks will be required and social distancing guidelines will be expected for those visiting to follow.

Find out more about the event by following it on Facebook at 'Kennebec Family Enrichment Council - KVCAP's Event'.

Want more apple picking opportunities? Check out other places in the State of Maine that you can go apple picking and stock up on some fresh Maine produce for your seasonal homemade pies.

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