I'm very generous with my Facebook friend requests. I'll accept most people if I have the space from them, but I do check every request to see if the person looks like they are real or are a scammer. Scammers tend to have very few friends, just opened their Facebook account and are usually someone you already know, like the scammer who was trying to impersonate my stepmother.

This one person slipped through the cracks though and I accepted their friend request only to learn later when the send me a Facebook message, that they were obviously a scammer.

I could have just ignored them, but I can't pass up opportunities like this. When I get calls from the people claiming the warranty on my car is about to expire, I take the call and completely mess with them, asking them where they're from, how their parents are doing and if they've seen any good movies lately. They end up hanging up and I have my entertainment for the day.

I did the same thing with this scammer on Facebook and here are the screenshots of the conversation so you can share in the fun.

When I Realized a Facebook Message Was From a Scammer, I Decided To Have Some Fun With Them

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