'Sports' have a bit of a different look these days.

When I was a kid, when it came to sports, you really only had two choices. If you were athletic, you played them. If you weren't, you got to be the "manager". Which is a fancy term for waterboy/grunt. It was every non-cool part of participation. I may have been my 8th-grade basketball team manager, but I think I only really liked the McDonald's stops.

Of course, for the less athletic, there was always the world of video games. Not to say athletic people didn't play video games, but joysticks and a TV screen were a much more level playing field for all involved. Fast forward to today, and there are ample opportunities to excel, if not make money, playing video games.

Husson is joining the world of competitive video gaming or Esports.

At this point, Esports is a multi-billion dollar industry. Gaming competition is fierce, and Husson is ready to join in. Many colleges and universities all over the U.S. and Canada, have Esports teams. Husson's will be led by Esports professor Joel Madru, and will compete against other teams from all over, according to Fox ABC Bangor.

They will have two junior varsity teams, and two varsity teams. Over time, just like in traditional sports, players can advance to the next league. They're also hoping to attract more female players, as there is no shortage of female gamers in the real world. And also just like sports teams, there will be tryouts. Not everyone will make the cut.

Boy, the times are a changin'....

I'm still just sitting here trying to wrap my brain around this. When I was a boy, it was every kid's fantasy to play video games for a living. You gotta figure, it's college gaming today, professional gaming tomorrow. Whether it's a famous YouTuber or competitive circuit, people are making a living..... playing video games.

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