I went to Hampden Academy and did participate in one talent show that went terribly bad.  I performed my own song with an acoustic guitar in front of a gymnasium full of people and failed to remember the rest of the lyrics or chords in the middle of the song I was performing. It was then that I wanted to redeem myself and worked hard to be a better performer, trying to over come the fear of performing in front of people.

I found this video from 2002 of a Bangor High School talent show on YouTube and can't help but put my 17-year-old self in their shoes since I experienced what it was like up on stage in front of a room full of your fellow students.

It also makes me think about the atmosphere back then.

I was 17 in 2002 and remember the post 9/11 atmosphere.  You can witness it and hear it in the video when the kids keep referring to it, even giving a moment of silence in part of the show.  It was a big part of creating our depth and in shaping our aspirations for the future of the United States.

Check out these videos video of the Bangor High talent show.  It has plenty of aspiring musicians, some dancing, some stand up.  Is there somebody in there that you know?  Tell us in the comments!

Remember jam bands?!

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