The Class of 2022 at Bangor High School got together for a night and showed off their impressive skills!

As another school years winds down, there are always rite of passage events for seniors, and one of the best is throwing a talent show.

Way back in the day, I roamed the boards at Peakes Auditorium, when I lit up Broadway (Broadway, in Bangor) playing the part of Chino in a production of "West Side Story," so it brings back memories watching these kids perform in front of their fellow students.

The Bangor School Department posted clips of the recent show on its TikTok page and they include bands, dancing dinosaurs, magic tricks, a boy band tribute, and more.

I have to say that it made me really happy to see so many kids are still picking up instruments, starting bands, and learning to play music.

Here are some performers from the BHS 2022 Senior Talent Show:

Hex Danford "Falling"

Senior Band "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Nicolas Biberstein "Russian Dinner Trick"

Bryanna Bogan & Hailey Simon "Friend Like Me"

Mamas Kitchen "It's Gonna Be Me"

May Kasprzak "Patchwork"

Eden & Amanda Tomlinson "Dynomyte"

JJ Adebayo "Daffodills"

Levi Gudroe & Colby Leavitt "seven Nation Army"

A great job by all who participated! Many congrats, to not only the Bangor High School Class of 2022, but to all the upcoming graduates all over the state of Maine. The future is in good hands.

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