Caps off to all graduates of the Class of 2021

Sing along with me, "Let's go, let's go, Bangor! Cause it's the spirit of Bangor High" That little ditty is a song that we used to sing at pep rallies and football games, way back when I was a student there (Just before the invention of the automobile) I maybe didn't have the most school spirit, but I do look back fondly on my days there, so It is always fun to see another class of graduates head out into the world.

Once of my favorite things over the weekend, was seeing all the photos, and videos that many people posted of their kids walking up on stage to get their diplomas, especially after all of the obstacles that students and parents have had to endure during the pandemic, not only all of last year, but into 2021 as well. I have four very close friends who had children graduate, two of them were from Bangor High School, so I figured why not post the entire ceremony, so they and others can relive one of the most important and special days in life.

The event yesterday was held outdoors at the Bangor High soccer field. from 4pm-6pm, and was streamed live on their YouTube Channel. It was a prefect day outside, and you can feel the excitement of all involved.

Old friend of the Z Morning Show, DJ Ed McCurdy, spun the tunes till the wee hours at the Project Graduation afterwards, which is so cool that the Class of 2021, got to enjoy a fun night of dancing with their friends.

Cheers, to 2021's best and brightest from all over the state of Maine!

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