Check out this YouTube video from Allen Poe, a VERY angry Mainer who wants to tell you his story of punishment, betrayal and sweeping mountains of snow in his driveway.

Mr. Poe invites us to understand why he's not happy with the Maine Department of Transportation because of the snow being plowed into his driveway which includes a walk along a windy Maine road, finger waving and pen pointing.

It wouldn't be as bad if it was one outlet for his driveway but we soon learn that there are two.. which is twice the amount of snow to have to deal with in the driveway when the Maine DOT comes by to clear the road.

Poe states in the video a history of complaining with the Maine DOT about previous incidents and we learn why he has come to this current situation.

Poe explains, in a strained voice:

"You can see how far, how far he sweeps- look at the curve of the snow- how far he sweeps an additional 3 1/2 feet, just to bury this driveway."

Watch now as Poe walks us through, uses his pen as a pointer and explains in passionate detail the story of his curse.

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