Two men face charges in connection with a residential robbery on First Street in Bangor.

Nikolas Raines, 28, a transient, and James Rogers, 19, of Boston, Massachusetts were arrested Wednesday and taken to the Penobscot County Jail.

Raines and Rogers face felony charges including robbery, criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, and theft of a firearm.

The arrests came after police responded to a report of a residential robbery at 67 First Street in Bangor at about 4 a.m. The suspects reportedly fled the scene in a dark colored SUV just prior to the call to police.

The residents of the apartment reported they were awoken by a knock on the door that they refused to answer. Soon after the knock at the door, the two men gained entered the apartment through a window. One male was armed with a handgun and threatened both residents of the apartment. Several items of value were stolen by the suspects while in the apartment, police said.

Rogers also has an extraditable warrant for his arrest out of Boston charging him with aggravated assault with a knife.

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