The City of Bangor is following suit with Brewer Parks and Rec in reopening playgrounds and basketball courts starting Wednesday, June 17th.

Bangor City Councillor, Ben Sprague, announced on his Facebook page yesterday that Bangor playgrounds are open to the public again, following the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions which closed nearly everything nationwide.

The Bangor Parks and Recreation Department has noted that the City of Bangor will be working to sanitize equipment regularly and that precautions, such as mask wearing, social distancing and staying home if ill, is expected of patrons of the playgrounds and basketball courts.

The post addressed that low numbers of COVID-19 in Penobscot made this change possible:

Given the low number of active cases of COVID-19 in Penobscot County and our belief in the importance of playing outside and getting fresh air and sunshine, playground equipment in the parks in Bangor will RE-OPEN starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17th! Basketball courts will also be re-opened.

The City will work to sanitize the equipment regularly. We are also looking into installing hand sanitizer stations. In the meantime, please continue to be mindful of keeping six feet of space whenever possible and about teaching kids about the importance of washing hands regularly.

The City will continue to monitor the active cases in this area and if things start to go the wrong direction we will re-address this plan.

This announcement shortly follows Brewer Parks and Rec's reopening of their playgrounds with a note that the department would not be sanitizing equipment but that mask wearing, social distancing and staying home if feeling ill is expected of patrons using the playground and equipment.

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