Father's Day is coming up this weekend and there are plenty of items you can get for dad but, what does a Maine dad really need?

We sat down and chatted with a dad about what would be good gift ideas for fellow Maine dads.  Really what it came down to was what does a Maine dad truly enjoy?

The answer is obvious- he wants to enjoy the Maine outdoors.  He wants to fish on the lake, take the boat out, protect his vehicle from the rough spots on the trail and be outside in the fresh air.

Not only does he want to be outdoors but he would really appreciate things that are useful for the things he likes to do and ways to stay comfortable or increase his comfort level.  Sometimes these things help protect what he already has or add to the collection in which the more is truly the merrier.

With these criteria in mind, we compiled a list that involves necessities and useful items that dad can enjoy outside.  Here are some ideas on what to get that Maine dad that may require a run to the store or some Amazon browsing but, nonetheless, will be a useful, appreciated gift by dad.

Happy Father's Day to all the great dads out there, raising the next generation to appreciate Maine's beautiful outdoors.  Hopefully these items will allow dad to enjoy his outside time even more.

Maine Father's Day Gift Ideas

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