Tme to hoop it up!

I've been waiting to get out and get some fresh air and excerise on the basketball courts for over a month now, but due to this pesky pandemic, that just hasn't been possible. We even went as far as calling the Brewer Parks & Rec Department and trying to get anyone on the phone who could tell us any information on when things would opne back up again, but to no avail.

In fact,I spend so much time there in the summer, I often take videos of myself trying to make a jump shot with one hand, while holding a phone in the other.

Fast forward to this week when we tried again, but still could not get an answer, untill I got the e-mail I have been waiting for from Mike Martin, who is the director of Brewer Parks & Rec!

Kid –

Mike Martin with the Brewer Parks & Recreation Department.

Basketball Courts on Parkway South are open for free shooting. Here is a list of the guidelines that are posted:

Play at your own risk - Equipment is not sanitized

Do not use if you are not feeling well.
Wash or sanitize hands before and after use.
Practice social distancing - keep 6 feet from others - (no pick-up basketball games allowed).
Do not share equipment.
Avoid frequently touched surfaces.
Avoid touching your face.

If social distancing is not maintained courts will be closed.

No pick-up games are allowed at this time, due to lack of social distancing & sharing equipment (i.e. the ball). The idea is for people like you, who may just want to be able to get out and shoot around to have a place to stay active. However, if social distancing is not maintained and there are groups & pick-up games, courts may be closed again.

Enjoy the outdoors & stay safe.

Michael Martin
Director of
Parks & Recreation
City of Brewer

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