If you're witty and good at keeping your thoughts short and sweet, the Maine DOT wants to hear from you.

They're looking for some help coming up with words of holiday wisdom about transportation safety for their traffic signs. Think you're up for the task?

The only restrictions are that there are only two  pages of text, with three lines of eight characters each, per page. And no emojis! Leave your ideas in the comment section of the post on the MaineDOT Facebook page.

Need a little inspiration?  Here's some past holiday inspired messages that the Maine DOT have used to pass along some road safety wisdom:


  • Getting sauced is for cranberries
  • Driving basted is for the turkeys
  • Keep ur stuffing on the inside.  Buckle up
  • Let’s get home safely.  The rest is gravy


  • Hats off to Veterans, hands on the wheel
  • Salute Vets, but not when driving


  • Put down the phone, it’s scary enough out here
  • Texting while driving? Now that’s scary
  • You’re not a pumpkin.  Don’t drive smashed
  • Beware of zombies.  And bad drivers

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