And now, a public service announcement from the Maine Department Of Transportation!

Yes, of course The GOAT, Tom Brady has been the main topic of conversation the last few days, after he picked up his 7th ring, beating the Kansas City Chiefs, by a score of 31-9, but someone else has been the subject of some serious water cooler chatter as well!

The Weeknd played the Halftime Show at Super Bowl 55, in Tampa Bay, on Sunday, and his set was met with some mixed results, however on social media, the latest meme sensation was born almost instantly.

The Twitterverse immediately started creating memes from all the differnt aspects of his performance, which included many different sets, from the back up dancers looking like robots wearing male jock straps on their heads, to a sequence that practically gave me vertigo, when he wandered through a funhouse full of mirrors.

Joining the the party was the Maine DOT, who posted a pretty funny one to their Twitter account with the caption "If the last selfie on your camera roll looks like this, it's time to give up the car keys"

As for the halftime show itself, he pretty much stuck to his lenghty list of hit songs

The Hills
Can't Feel My Face
I Feel It Coming
Save Your Tears
Earned It
House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls.
Blinding Lights

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