Angelina Jolie and The Weeknd may be Hollywood's next It Couple. At least, that's what the rumor mill says after the pair were spotted enjoying dinner together over the weekend.

The Daily Mail noted that the pair met at an Italian restaurant called Giorgio Baldi and ate in a private section. Although they arrived separately, video and photos show that Jolie and The Weeknd left together after spending approximately two and a half hours inside the venue.

This marks the third time that the stars have been seen at the same place since June.

Page Six reported that they shared another meal at Giorgio Baldi on June 30. Although they were spotted at the restaurant, the publication added that they left separately so as to avoid photographers.

At the time, a source speculated that their relationship may simply be professional in nature. The "Save Your Tears" hit-maker has been working as an actor recently and plans to star in and co-write a new series for HBO.

"They're clearly not trying to hide [the dinner date]," the source alleged before adding that "he's [The Weeknd] definitely focused on getting to the movie business."

Since then, both are known to have attended a concert in early July. However, Elle reported that it is unclear if they spent any time together inside the venue. Jolie was in attendance with her children Shiloh and Zahara, while The Weeknd was with friends.

Although the rumor mill is spinning, Elle added that neither celebrity has confirmed their relationship status.

Likely the speculation is fueled by the fact that — if true — this would mark Jolie's first public relationship since divorcing Brad Pitt. The pair that was once reverently referred to as Brangelina have been stuck in an ongoing custody dispute for years now.

Jolie, who will make her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Eternals later this year, recently admitted that she feared for her family's safety while married to Pitt.

This would also mark The Weeknd's first public relationship since breaking up with Bella Hadid in 2019.

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