The Maine Department of Transportation announced on Friday the beginning of bridge construction work this week that could impact travelers in the Bangor area for the months to come.

The work being done will be on the Wilson Street Bridge in Brewer as the beginning phase of the I-395/Route 9 Connector project.

The start date for this work is set to begin Tuesday.  This first phase of this project is to replace the Wilson Street Bridge which carries Route 1A over I-395.

The completion of this first phase of the I-395/Route 9 Connector project is estimated to be done by November 2021.

The I-395/Route 9 Connector project has met its challenges since its inception including local support due to location of the completed work and budget concerns.  The Maine Department of Transportation describes this project as a "missing link" that connects I-395 in Brewer to Route 9 in Eddington, to be used as an extension to the Interstate.

The project is planned to connect the end of I-395 at Wilson Street in Brewer to Route 9 in Eddington, which includes constructing road through woods and existing housing areas throughout Brewer, Holden and Eddington.

Maine Department of Transportation
Maine Department of Transportation

According to the Maine Department of Transportation webpage dedicated to the I-395/Route 9 Connector Project, the project is meant to relieve local travel safety and mobility issues by providing a connection between the Interstate system and Route 9, which stretches across the eastern part of Maine and into Canada.

For more information about the I-395/ Route 9 Connector Project, visit the Maine Department of Transportation webpage 'I-395/Route 9 Connector Project'.

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