When we get rainstorms here in Maine, we commonly measure the amount of rain that we get in either tenths of an inch or sometimes even 1-2 inches. Every so often, however, those totals add up even more than that. For one Central Maine town in particular, it was a very, very wet weekend.

Home to Hussey's General Store and the Windsor Fair, the small Maine town of Windsor received a staggering 6 inches of rain over the weekend. Much of it came down in the form of intermittent torrential downpours, though there was a light and steady rain falling for much of the weekend.

According to the Kennebec Journal, the National Weather Service says this is an example of 'extreme' rainfall. And while tons of water poured down on the town in a short amount of time, no flooding was reported.

Thankfully it is September and the precipitation fells as rain. But what if this had been a January storm and it all came down as snow? According to NASA, the typical conversion is about 10 inches of snow to every 6 inches of rain. Those conversions would change based on how cold the air is when it begins to snow, but 10 is a pretty safe bet. That means (in theory) that had this event been snow, the town of Windsor could have received upwards of 5 feet of snow in just two days... Whoa!

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