Have you recently (or maybe not recently) lost your wedding band in or around Augusta? If so, a local company may have just found it for you.

According to a Facebook post from Riverside Disposal & Recycling, one of their drivers found a wedding band behind the trash dumpster at the Capital Judicial Center in Augusta.

They go on to say that there appears to be some kind of a 'personalized message' on the inside of the band. Perhaps an engraving of a last name or something else that could bring incredibly sentimental value to the ring.

Now maybe you were going through a tough time in your marriage and decided it best to just hum-chuck that now-meaningless band into the dumpster filled abyss behind the Capital Judicial Center, however we like to believe it's much so innocent than that. So, if you've recently lost a ring that fits this photo and description, or know someone who has, you're asked to contact the Riverside Disposal & Recycling office at 207.623.2577.

The Capital Judicial Center is located just off Winthrop Street in Augusta. You know, 'on the big hill across from where the YMCA used to be'. That is, after all, how we give directions here in Maine.


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