With summer officially here and Pints & Pups coming up on the Bangor Waterfront, here are the cutest and craziest outfits for all the fashionista dogs out there. Sometimes, as we all know, an outfit just calls to you.  And these outfits may bring out the personality of your dog that a coat of fur just can't do.

Here is our list of favorite and craziest outfits for your perfect pooch!


This rainbow sundress would be perfect for a little princess of a dog that has a spunky personality.

Fitwarm via Amazon

Pineapple Shirt

sunscreen t-shirt with a pineapple print is not only an appropriate style for summer but also provides a layer of protection from the sun or cool temperatures.

Woaills via Amazon

America Hoodie

Fourth of July hoodie?!?  So cute!  It celebrates the country you love the most and it has a hood.  Is there one of these in people size to match with my dog?



Your pooch will be the star at the beach with this two piece bikini.  It's floofy and super girly for any doggy diva.


Overalls Dress

Overalls are cute to begin with, now make them really small and into a skirt and you have an undeniable combination for any country-living dog with a flair for fashion.


Bikini Shirt

If your pup has a few lumps and bumps and may feel self conscious in a bikini, then the human printed bikini shirt is the perfect pairing for your pup.

If you're the kind of person that loves to look at crazy dog clothes than you're the kind of person that would really love our Pints & Pups eventCheck this link out to purchase tickets for you and your humans- dogs are free!