A lot of talk about the #metoo movement has generated a lot of conversation about the black, white and grays of consent.  Check out this product that tries to work towards a solution of sexual consent by requiring two sets of hands and, thusly (was using that word too pretentious... what if I used THRUST-ly?), requiring consent from both parties to achieve the end goal... you know, to "get it on".

First of all... Chinese Finger Traps come to mind after watching this...

But, where it takes two sets of hands to open the packaging... for some reason my mind goes to two-person cat's craddle...

But anyway, as you can see, in order to open the package, which contains a condom for safe and probably non-baby making sex, both partners need to work together in order to open the package and get to the condom.

What do you think of this interesting contraption for contraception?  Please note how much better this article was with a pinch of alliteration.  Again, pretentious.

Happy consensual sexing!

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