The University of Maine Cooperative Extension released news today that they will now be accepting ticks from Maine residents to test for tick-borne diseases.

In the release, it was stated that Mainers can have found ticks tested for "the pathogens that cause the three most common tick-borne diseases — Lyme disease, anaplasmosis and babesiosis."

To have your sample tested it will cost $15 per sample.  It is also noted that there is free identification of tick species for each sample.

This testing and identification program would be able to provide residents with information about the ticks they come across but will also help in regional research:

The tick identification and testing program will allow researchers to track the spread of ticks and their associated diseases in the state, while also surveying for new tick species and pathogens.

Testing is done at the new UMaine Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory in Orono at 17 Godfrey Drive and you can find instructions on submitting a tick specimen to the lab are online.

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