It's no surprise that American pop punk band Green Day would write a book about rebels.  But, what may be surprising is that it's a book celebrating the rebellion of women.

Rolling Stone is reporting that the world's most favorite punk band (yep, I said it) will be publishing their first book called Last of the American Girls which is the publisher describes as, " “an inspiring homage and handbook for the rebellious everywoman who refuses to capitulate."

The book is named after a song from Green Day's eighth studio album 21st Century Breakdown.  The song was written about Adrienne Armstrong, the lead singer's wife.  The book, however, is co-written by all the members of Green Day and will also be illustrated by cartoonist Frank Caruso.

Not a lot of details about the book are known at this time but this rebel girl is very interested in how my own handbook for "the rebellious everywoman" compares to theirs.

The book is set to be released on October 29th.

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