If there ever is a sequel, we want in!

Let's take a trip to 2015 on this Throwback Thursday!

My whole life I have listened to people struggle with how say Ban-GOR the right way. Be it tourists, or everytime we are mentioned on the national news, or in movies and TV. Finally, all I have to do is show them this very clever music video.

Throw in some local celebs like Todd Simcox, Steve McKay, Danny Cashman and some other well known area peeps, write a funny song that parodies "We Are The World" and you have "We Are Bangor."

This video was a huge hit when it was posted to YouTube, in fact it's been viewed over 326,000 times in the past five years! Now watch it...and remember it's Ban-GOR!!! There is even a helpful sing-a-long if you get stuck.

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