Last week, the message from the next generation that #EnoughIsEnough was seen and heard nationwide.  Students nationwide feel unsafe in their schools and rallied their message with school walkouts.  Many Maine school's participated in that message including many Bangor area schools.

Bangor High School was one of the school's across the state to participate in National Walkout Day with the purpose of calling attention to gun violence and safety of students, aligning with the message student's across the nation were voicing.

Credit: Still of Elliot Tuttle video via Facebook

Bangor High School was one of the Bangor area school's that generated a lot of area attention on the matter, with plans leading up to the March 14th date with a walkout planned to include speeches from area nonprofits and an invitation to the public to join in on the cause.  The event was put together by a student led group that organized the walk-out to last 17 minutes for each life lost in the Parkland Florida shooting on February 14th.

The event was rescheduled to Friday the 16th due to a snowstorm.

While the public and media were banned from attending Bangor High School's protest on Friday, student Elliot Tuttle of Bangor High School released footage of the school's walkout.  See his footage below:


The video features students of Bangor High School holding pictures of the lives lost at the Parkland shooting to recognize the names and faces of who died at the school.  The video also features speeches from students of the school including one speech that about an international experience of how school safety in the United States is negatively viewed.

Credit: Still of Elliot Tuttle video via Facebook

Notable quotes from the video are very poignant for the event and include the following:

"Keep fighting and realize the privilege of coming home each day."


"We are the next generation, the ones that must live with America's choices and if we do not stand up for ourselves no one else will."


The students encouraged protesters and viewers to contact local representatives of the State House and Congress to share concerns on student safety and gun violence.